Educational Tours

Learning through experience has become a necessity of our educational system. Children cannot become wise and confident only by learning theories. They need to get out of the safety-shell and explore the amazing world outside. Only then will they gain success in life. Our EDUTOURS offer various options for children to learn while having a fun-filled tour. “आओ बच्चो तुम्हे दिखाये झाकी हिंदुस्तान कि…” is our motto at EDUTOURS.

Special features of Educational Tours:

  1. Trained coordinators and volunteers
  2. Accommodation, food choice suiting to children students
  3. Advisory board consisting of veteran academicians to design tours.
  4. Special care from toddlers to teenagers (6+ all are invited)

Our EDUTOURS are theme based. Following are the most popular themes:

  1. Cultural and Heritage,
  2. Nature and Environment,
  3. Adventure and Camping,
  4. Marine and World of Ocean,
  5. Performing Art workshops,
  6. Science and Technology site visits
  7. Know your neighbor, town, city, district, state and Nation A unique program developed by EDUTOURS for students of STD 2nd to STD 5th as project work.