Theme Based Holidays

Our innovative theme based holidays are meant to help you enjoy something unique other than regular tours. Here are some of our most popular themed holidays.

a. Heritage walks, events, visits.

India is home to several famous cultural gatherings such as Kumbh Mela, Pushkar fair and Rowing Season in Kerala. We can easily arrange these visits for you to these events making them cherishable.

b. A tour to Film Shooting Sets

India produces numerous films every year. No need to say, we have no shortage of opportunities to spot stars and visiting film sets. But you need to be choosy to grab the best of opportunities. And we help you do just that.

c. Agro Tourism

Agriculture is the foundation on which Indian economy is built. Those professionally involved in this noble line are welcome to join our educative tours that reveal precious tricks of the trade.

d. Cricket and Sports related tours

Cricket is a religion in India, the one participated in by avid followers from all walks of life. If you want to be at a popular cricket event or at the most exciting domestic T20 league or at an international game, we would arrange the visit for you.